Dunwell This is the tale of House Dunwell, a minor noble house in The Reach. They are an ancient house with a proud military tradition and a record of success in the many campaigns that the region has fought against Dorne. It is the year 194, and King Daeron Targaryen II rules over the Seven Kingdoms, though there are soft whispers that he is, in fact, Aemon Dragnonknight’s bastard. When Aemon retired from the Kingsguard, his position was filled by Erold Lothston, brother of the lord of Harrenhal.

The tale of Bannil Dunwell’s children begins at a tournament being held at Harrenhal in honor of Erold. The field of competition at the tournament is large, and includes two knights of the Dunwell Household: LaFaye and Ser Christian Dunwell. The entire time, chaos is brewing, preparing to bubble over. Whether or not it consumes this small noble house will be determined by its scions.

The Tale of House Dunwell